50 Ways To Challenge Yourself As A Teacher

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How to Fight Bullying By Teaching Kids To Be Kind

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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fight bullying by teaching kids to be kind

Perhaps meanness in school happens because we don’t teach students what to do. The #tbk (to be kind) movement is spreading like wildfire among many schools.

The Schmucker Middle School National Junior Honor Society is encouraging the entire school to be kind. They heard about the program when their principal told them about Lake Bradley High School in Florida.

Teachers Caitlyn Charnow and Stacy Eck were inspired and tell us all about their Program To Be Kind and how it is spreading to faculty and staff. The world needs more of this!

As promised, I’m starting to send lots of freebies to my mailing list. As part of this post, I’m sharing my free “take one” kindness poster. Print and encourage kindness in your classroom.


Who are Caitlyn Charnow and Stacy Eck?

Caitlin Charnow is a seventh grade Language Arts Teacher, and the head of the National Junior Honor Society at Schmucker Middle School. It is a personal goal of hers to spread tolerance and understanding to her students, and to give them a voice. She is excited to realize this goal through leading the students in Project To Be Kind. Stacy Eck has been a teacher for 7 years and has served as the National Junior Honor Society leader at Schmucker Middle School for 3 years.

They were inspired by Lake Bradley’s #tbk program. [Check out Lake Bradley’s videos.]


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