Powering the Brain…Power!

Powering the Brain…Power!

There are days when your teenager may be completely disengaged with anything study-wise. In fact, it might seem like your teen is wandering around half asleep…

As adults, we can probably identify with having those types of days, too! However, it can be tough on exam-taking teenagers, who are stretched and pushed in all directions as their final examinations edge closer.

How can you help your teenager keep up the pace- and feel that their brain is ‘powered’ for whatever revision, study or test that faces them that day?

Well, whilst we don’t claim this is a neurology post (not even close!) what we can claim is plenty of experience in helping students to succeed at exams! As revision experts, we do know that there are ways to stay more energised through the hard slog of study time:

Firstly, take lots of care!

One of the most important things, during the revision period, is prioritising good health. Whilst family life is often busy and hectic, eating and sleeping well is vital for your teenager’s health and well-being in the lead up to exams. Whilst many teens like to take ownership of what they’re eating and what time they prefer to switch out the lights for bed… guiding and supporting them in the right directions will be of benefit!

Lift the Mood

A ‘good mood’ will also help your teenager’s output and- whilst sometimes it feels like your teenager ‘just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed’ – there’s are ways to aid good feelings.

Getting up and out is one of these! Throw some oxygen and energy into your teenager’s brain by encouraging them to get outdoors when they need a ‘wakeup call!’ The same goes for revision breaks… when your teen is taking a breather from their revision, a quick walk around the block or a pace up and down the garden path will help them. It’s tempting for teens to view revision breaks as a chance to scroll through social media or grab at their games console, but what’s truly beneficial is getting the body moving! An active body equals a more active mind.

If your child has hobbies or participates in sport, it’s still good for them to get to enjoy these, too!

Power the Brain with People

Many students find their brains can feel more stimulated when they work socially. That’s not to say that your teenager suddenly needs to whip out their revision at a party, but it does mean that finding a ‘study buddy’ or joining a ‘revision course’ has massive benefits.

Our revision courses offer small working groups, in an intensive and expert-led environment. It’s an ideal for your teenager to bounce ideas from their peers, as well as have the amazing input of a subject-specialist (who can provide plenty of knowledge and support for your child’s revision.)

Many students find it beneficial to be guided through their revision. It can be tough on your teen to pore through books and notes independently. Some students struggle with motivation, whilst other students sometimes just get a bit stuck when they’re home alone trying to revise

The Easter holidays are ahead. Typically, you might find the school holidays are one of the hardest times to keep your teenager’s brain ‘powered!’ Therefore, signing up to our revision course is a great solution to this! Keep your teen’s brain ‘powered’ by working with people who are also revising for the same SQA exams.

See Full Article Here: Powering the Brain…Power!

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