Quiz at Christmas: A Great Way to Revise for Prelim Exams

Quiz at Christmas: A Great Way to Revise for Prelim Exams

Who doesn’t love a Christmas quiz?!
Quizzing your teenager can be a very effective revision technique. Not everybody enjoys poring over notes alone, and there are many ways to make revision effective- as well as productive.
Quizzes work well, particularly at this time of year- when your teen might be feeling long-term of a long term- because they quickly test knowledge. Additionally, quizzes can be done almost anywhere you like (on your travels to visit family over Christmas?) and can come in different formats.

How to Quiz

Independently, students can quiz themselves by creating flashcards or utilising online tools or apps. Flashcards are a popular tool because students can carry these around, they are easy to make, and students can flip them over to reveal answers. Online, your teen will also be able to access a whole wealth of quizzes across all subjects, and there’s plenty of apps and games supplied by the main revision websites that search engines bring up.

However, despite all the resources available to your teenager, quizzes often work best with someone else around to help (which could be parent/guardian, family, friends or peers.) Engaging in a quiz with your teen, or by asking them the questions, your teen gets to discuss their answers: they get to converse. Saying responses ‘out loud’ will really help them to explain and secure knowledge.

Prelim Revision With Christmas Quiz

Where to Get the Questions From

The most appropriate place to source material for your teen’s revision quizzes is from class books or revision notes.
Whilst the internet may be full of trivia (claiming to be relevant to your child’s exams,) you can’t always guarantee the material is reliable, up-to-date or correct. Creating quizzes or flashcards, using information is directly from teachers and subject specialists is much better!

With a bit of creativity and open-mindedness, you could even get the whole family ‘in’ on a revision quiz- or turn it into a competition to ‘beat your child’s knowledge!’

Extending the Answers

Whilst an element of making things a bit more light-hearted with revision quizzes over Christmas, don’t forget that your child will need to do some more intensive revision, too. Our Christmas Revision course takes place over the holidays, and this is an excellent way for your teen to extend learning and intensify their revision- alongside the work they’re doing at home.

Quizzes may lead to one-line answers, but- in reality- your teen will need to extend their answers in order to achieve better marks. Using quizzes as a basis, your teen could create mind maps to expand ideas. And, as a parent, you could also use quizzes to prompt discussion with your teen- and put their knowledge to the test!

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